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A message from the President

Mitsuo Maruyama, PhD
Japan Society of Biomedical Gerontology

The origin of the Japan Society of Biomedical Gerontology (JSBMG), officially founded in 1981, can be traced back to a nascent gerontology meeting held in 1977 at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tokyo University. On February 2nd of that year, researchers gathered there to discuss ideas about and present data on the mechanisms underlying the aging process and age-related diseases. Since then, we have organized annual meetings and symposia, a history of more than 40 years of scientific gerontological interest in Japan. JSBMG is the oldest scientific society in Asia devoted to advancing basic and translational research and education in the field of aging.

The principal mission of JSBMG is to promote basic aging research and contribute in practical and theoretical ways to the extension of a healthy lifespan of all humans. The Society encourages and supports researchers to develop and utilize a variety of cellular and animal models to analyze aging processes as well as fundamental causes of aging. We also work toward expanding knowledge of gerontological biomedical advances among health professionals through continuing medical education programs. One of our primary goals is to encourage students and young researchers to be involved in the basic study of aging. We also have the duty of keeping the public informed about scientific progress in aging research, about practical means to live a long and healthy life, and about limits of extending the human lifespan.

In 2000, we initiated joint symposia with the Korean Society of Gerontology to exchange ideas, promote research collaboration, and deepen our partnership in accomplishing common goals. Currently, we are expanding academic relations to other Asian nations and regions. Through worldwide networking and international collaborations, we aim to be a driving force behind progress in basic aging research by advancing innovative solutions to problems faced by all aging societies.