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Please email your completed membership application form to:

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Membership Categories and Dues

Regular ¥7,000 JPN yen
Director ¥10,000 JPN yen
Councilor ¥10,000 JPN yen
  Students (graduate and undergraduate) ¥2,000 JPN yen

The Society’s fiscal year starts on April 1 and ends on March 31 of the next year. Membership dues include a subscription to the journal Biomedical Gerontology (3 issues a year), including the Abstract Issue for the annual JSBMG meeting. Members are entitled to present their research at the annual meetings of the Society.

Affiliate Members

The society aims to contribute to a better and informed aging society through discovery and application of scientific research. We welcome affiliate members to contribute to the Society. Please contact the Society office for benefits of being an affiliate member:

Advertisements in our official Society journal, Biomedical Gerontology

Advertisers enjoy access to researchers in the field of gerontology through paid adverts. Advertising connects you directly with JSBMG members through our regularly published journal.
Please contact the society office for advertisements:

Change of membership information

We use e-mail and our website as the primary sources of communication between members and the Society. Urgent matters of the Society will be delivered by e-mail. Please contact us at secretariat@jsbmg.jp of any changes in your e-mail address or other membership information.